A carefully handmade necklace made from upcycled coconut husk beads and natural calming and soothing howlite stone. The Coconut husk is the part that is usually thrown away, so by reclaiming this material we can save it from going into landfill.

They are threaded on a wire to ensure a lasting keepsake. They are finished with a sturdy lobster claw clasp. The necklace is 47cm long.

They come presented in a black jewellery box to keep your jewellery protected.

Howlite beads are a borate mineral and are renowned for their milky white appearance streaked with dark veins, symbolizing qualities of patience and perspective.

Healing Attributes: Functioning as a calming agent, Howlite pacifies the body, mind, and soul, fostering wisdom, heightening awareness, and fostering clarity of vision.

Protective Qualities: Howlite serves as an adept cleanser of negative energies, absorbing detrimental vibes and facilitating a connection with higher planes of existence. Additionally, it aids in emotional stability and stress alleviation.

Application: Howlite can be utilised as jewellery, strategically placed within living or workspaces to purify the environment and facilitate communication, or discreetly positioned beneath a pillow to encourage peaceful sleep.

Maintenance: To preserve its efficacy, Howlite should undergo cleansing by either rinsing under flowing water or immersing in a bowl of brown rice. Furthermore, it can be recharged through exposure to moonlight.



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